Course on the Islamic Civilization

Course on the Islamic Civilization

A new FREE course starting on November 10, 2020 

About the course:

This is a course on finding happiness through the teachings of Islaam. The happiness in the life that we live in Islaam has many sources and a variety of reasons. In this course, you will be learning about the many sources of happiness that Islaam has provided.

 Duration: The course is 19 days long including an exam.

 Course Procedure:

  1. Register for the course via this link
  2. Join our Telegram channel for receiving the course materials and the exam: Telegram - Apps on Google Play
  3. Study all of the course materials.
  4. Take the exam on November 28, 2020
  5. Earn a certificate of completion by scoring a 70 or above on the exam. The certificate will be accredited by Space Channel and emailed to the students.

List of course topics:

Where is the Path?

The wisdom behind man and universe creation

Does man need religion?

Messengers and Prophets 1

Messengers and Prophets 2

The Remaining Message 1

The Remaining Message 2

The way to happiness

The path of knowledge and civilization

The path of good morals

The path of mercy and honor

This is the Path

The Cup that Makes one Negligent

Modest Dress (hijab in Islam)

Our Need for faith

The Greatest Human Being

Ethics of the Qur'an

This Religion will Play a Major Role in the Future

Course languages

العربية | English | বাংলা | Español | فارسی | русский| हिन्दी | Indonesia | አማርኛ