God has no partner
“There is no god but the One God, alone with no partner. He is the Truth, and everything else is falsehood. He created and blessed us. Islam is to submit ourselves to God, to yield and totally surrender to Him and to put our trust in Him. Power, all power, lies in following His Wisdom, and to be satisfied with what He has ordained, whatever it may be in this world and in the Hereafter. Whatever God causes to happen to us, even if it was a violent death, we must receive it with a delighted face and a satisfied soul, and know that it is good and that there is no good in anything except in what happened. It is absurd that man makes his tiny brain a balance of the world and its conditions. Rather, he has to believe that the universe has a fair law that controls it, though absent from his perception, and that goodness is the basis of the universe, and righteousness is the essence of existence... He should know that and believe and follow it in calmness and piety.”

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