The status of the Qur’an and its virtues
“The Qur’an has continued to be preserved in the memory of Muslims for fourteen centuries, provoking their imagination, forming their morality, and sharpening the wits of hundreds of millions of people. The Qur’an resurrects in the souls the easiest of faiths since it is the least ambiguous and it is the furthest from adhering to nonsensical ceremonies and rituals. It is a faith that is free of paganism and clergy. The Qur’an has uplifted the moral and cultural level of Muslims and established the rules of social order and unity in them, and evoked them to follow the rules of health. It also freed their minds of the many myths and illusions, as well as of injustice and cruelty. It also improved the conditions of slaves, and put dignity and pride in the hearts of the submissive.”

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