Criteria of the true religion

Criteria of the true religion:

Criteria of the true religion:

How does anyone who has any belief justify his particular doctrine of faith??

In almost all cases, each believer is certain that his doctrine is the best and that it is the only true one. Each believer varies from the other in justifying that. Those who believe in humanly corrupted distorted doctrines justify it by saying that they found their fathers believing in it, and that they are just following in their footsteps. Allah says: }23. And similarly, We sent not a warner before you (O Muhammad, pbuh) to any town (people) but the luxurious ones among them said: “We found our fathers following a certain way and religion, and we will indeed follow their footsteps.” 24. (The warner) said: “Even if I bring you better guidance than that which you found your fathers following?” They said: “Verily, We disbelieve in that with which you have been sent.{(Az-Zukhruf:23-24)

He also says: }170. When it is said to them: “Follow what Allâh has sent down.” They say: “Nay! We shall follow what we found our fathers following.” (Would they do that!) Even though their fathers did not understand anything nor were they guided? 171. And the example of those who disbelieve, is as that of him who shouts to the (flock of sheep) that hears nothing but calls and cries. (They are) deaf, dumb and blind. So they do not understand.{(Al-Baqarah:170-171)

Such people found their attitude on this ugly imitation, without resorting to reason, thought or contemplation. Often they resort to false, unsubstantiated and contradictory stories that lack any proof of authenticity. It is not justifiable, of course, to reason or argue in such a manner in relation to religions, sects and creeds.

Is every religious belief correct?

Since truth is one and has no multiple, it therefore follows that it is impossible that all those beliefs are on the right path, and that all of them are true at the same time, otherwise there would be contradicting truths, which is what sound minds refuse to believe: }Had it been from other than Allâh, they would surely have found therein much contradiction.{(An-Nisâ’:82)

Subsequently, what is the true religion and what are the criteria by which we can judge to establish which one of these beliefs are true and which ones are corrupt?!

A true religion has a divine source

First: the religion should have a divine source, that is, it should come from Allah Almighty and be revealed through an angel to an apostle to convey it to Allah’s slaves. True religion is the religion of Allah, the Creator of the universe (Glorified be He), and Allah is the One Who holds the creatures responsible and accountable on the Day of Resurrection for the religion that was revealed unto them. Allah says: }163. Verily, We have inspired you (O Muhammad, pbuh) as We inspired Nûh (Noah) and the Prophets after him; We (also) inspired Ibrâhim (Abraham), Ismâ’il (Ishmael), Ishâque (Isaac), Ya’qûb (Jacob), and Al¬Asbât [the twelve sons of Ya’qûb (Jacob)], ‘Iesa (Jesus), Ayub (Job), Yûnus (Jonah), Hârûn (Aaron), and Sulaimân (Solomon), and to Dawûd (David) We gave the Zabûr (Psalms). 164. And Messengers We have mentioned to you before, and Messengers We have not mentioned to you, - and to Mûsa (Moses) Allâh spoke directly. 165. Messengers as bearers of good news as well as of warning in order that mankind should have no plea against Allâh after the Messengers. And Allâh is Ever All¬-Powerful, All-¬Wise.{ (An-Nisâ’:163-165)

Accordingly, any religion that is designed by someone and he attributes it to himself and not to Allah, is a fake religion. Moreover, any religion that is designed by humans to which they add and which they amend is also void, because the person who designs and changes does not know better, where the good of the people is concerned, than Allah, the Creator of the world. }Should not He Who has created know? And He is the Most Kind and Courteous (to His slaves) All-Aware (of everything).{ (Al-Mulk:14)

If this was not the case, then the designer or the legislator of such a religion would be a lord and god who knows what is good for his creation, and Almighty Allah is far exalted over that (i.e. having partners in Lorship): }Do they seek other than the religion of Allâh (the true Islâmic Monotheism worshipping none but Allâh Alone), while to Him submitted all creatures in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly. And to Him shall they all be returned.{ (Âl-’Imrân:83)


Michael Hems

English Writer
“The fundamental truth in Islam is monotheism; God is One and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, polytheism is set aside. There is no father nor is there a son, nor a separation between what is sacred and what is worldly, and what is eastern and what is western. There is one world and one religion.”

He also says: }But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (O Muhammad pbuh) judge in all disputes between them.{(An-Nisâ’:65)

A true religion calls to monotheism

Second: religion must call for singling out Almighty Allah in worship, and must prohibit polytheism. Since calling for monotheism is the foundation of the call of all the prophets and messengers. Polytheism and idolatry, on the other hand, violates the ABCs of natural instincts and of guided minds. Allah says: }And We did not send any Messenger before you (O Muhammad pbuh) but We inspired him (saying): Lâ ilâha illa Ana [none has the right to be worshipped but I (Allâh)], so worship Me (Alone and none else).”{(Al-Anbiyâ’:25)

Each prophet said to his people: }Worship Allâh! You have no other Ilâh (God) but Him. (Lâ ilâha ill-Allâh: none has the right to be worshipped but Allâh). Certainly, I fear for you the torment of a Great Day!{(Al-A’râf:59)

Therefore, any religion that approves polytheism, or ascribes other partners to Allah, whether that other god is a prophet, a king, a saint, a human or a stone, must be a false religion, as worship must be directed to Allah alone, with no partners. Paganism and polytheism are outright deviations. Every religion which becomes blemished by polytheism, even if it was originally revealed by Allah, becomes false. Almighty Allah gives us an example. He says: }73. O mankind! A similitude has been coined, so listen to it (carefully): Verily! Those on whom you call besides Allâh, cannot create (even) a fly, even though they combine together for the purpose. And if the fly snatched away a thing from them, they would have no power to release it from the fly. So weak are (both) the seeker and the sought. 74. They have not estimated Allâh His Rightful Estimate; Verily, Allâh is All-Strong, All-Mighty.{(Al-Hajj:73-74)

A true religion is consistent with the natural instinct

Third: to be consistent with the natural instinct. Allah says: }So set you (O Muhammad pbuh) your face towards the religion of pure Islâmic Monotheism Hanifa (worship none but Allâh Alone) Allâh’s Fitrah (i.e. Allâh’s Islâmic Monotheism), with which He has created mankind. No change let there be in Khalq¬illâh (i.e. the Religion of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism), that is the straight religion, but most of men know not.{(Ar¬-Rûm:30)

Here, the natural instinct is everything Almighty Allah has created in people, which becomes part and parcel of their composition. For it cannot be that religion does not fit the natural human disposition, as otherwise the creator would have been different from the legislator of religion, which is impossible and considered as polytheism.


Justin Barrett

Researcher in Humanities, Oxford University
Allah’s Fitrah (Natural Disposition)
“Children are born being believers in God, and do not simply acquire religious beliefs through indoctrination, because they suppose that everything in the world was created with a purpose. Even if we leave children by themselves on a desert island to raise themselves alone, they would come to believe in God.”

A true religion is consistent with the mind

Fourth: true religion must be consistent with the sound mind; since true religion is Allah’s law, and the right mind is Allah’s creation, and it is impossible that Allah’s law contradicts His creation. He says: }Have they not travelled through the land, and have they hearts wherewith to understand and ears wherewith to hear? Verily, it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts which are in the breasts that grow blind.{(Al-Hajj:46)

He also says: }3. Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs for the believers. 4. And in your creation, and what He scattered (through the earth) of moving (living) creatures are signs for people who have Faith with certainty. 5. And in the alternation of night and day, and the provision (rain) that Allâh sends down from the sky, and revives therewith the earth after its death, and in the turning about of the winds (i.e. sometimes towards the east or north, and sometimes towards the south or west etc., sometimes bringing glad tidings of rain etc., and sometimes bringing the torment), are signs for a people who understand. 6. These are the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, revelations, etc.) of Allâh, which We recite to you (O Muhammad pbuh) with truth. Then in which speech after Allâh and His Ayât will they believe?{(Al-Jâthiya: 3-6)

It is not suitable for a true religion to be satiated with myths and superstition or contradictions in a way that makes a part of it at odds with the other parts. This is contrary to the sound mind. A true religion never commands its followers to do something and then contradicts it with another command. It does not make something impermissible or permissible to a group of people and make it the opposite for another group. Neither does it separate matters which are similar, nor combine contradictions,

Allah Almighty says: }Do they not then consider the Qur’ân carefully? Had it been from other than Allâh, they would surely have found therein much contradictions.{ (An-Nisâ’:82)


Adam Smith

Scottish Philosopher
The disease of superstition
“Science is the great antidote to the poison of superstition.”

Rather, a true religion must be built on clear evidence. Allah Almighty says: }Say (O Muhammad Peace be upon him), “Produce your proof if you are truthful.{ (Al-Baqarah: 111)