Chapter 03: Doubt over Unfaithfulness

Doubt over Unfaithfulness

Doubt over Unfaithfulness...


Katrina didn’t stay as late in the church as usual. She sat waiting for George’s return, for he in fact was the one who was unusually late. On his arrival she greeted him at the door and asked him about the reason for his delay... His eyes came into contact with hers and he immediately remembered her relationship with Tom and how she had hid the fact that Tom had contacted her. But he didn’t inquire about that and decided to do that later. He said:

•George: I went to meet the waiter that I mentioned to you earlier, and we had dinner together.

• Katrina: How was the meeting? Do you still have the same opinion about him?

•George: It was a wonderful meeting. He is a student of theology, but he speaks in a way that is very simple, easy, convincing...

•Katrina: Enough...enough, what’s all that! You seem to admire him very much. Ha ha ha! But this is what one naturally expects?! It is very normal for someone who is studying theology to be like that. What did he say to you?

•George: His words were similar to those of the old man whom I met when I was on my way to commit suicide, you remember him?

•Katrina: Yes!!

•George: And also similar to what the atheist, Dr. Tom, said too! Isn’t it strange that he is religious, yet speaks like an atheist?!

•Katrina: I see you are taking sides against the doctor because he is an atheist. I did not feel that at all, even though I sat with him.

•George: You mean the session at the clinic when we went, or are there other sessions?!

•Katrina: George! Yes, I mean the clinic session. I told him that I was dedicated to teaching religion and to the church, and he did not comment on that, but rather expressed his admiration.

•George: He boasts of being an atheist, and you can see that on his Facebook page....

He looked hard at her, and then said:

•George: I suspect he is aiming at something else by going along with you were the subject of religion is concerned

•Katrina: What do you mean?!!

•George: Nothing...nothing. Just a thought that came to my mind. Listen, something important has come up, I’ll quite probably have to travel to India, what do you think?

•Katrina: Amazing, when?

•George: In about ten days.

•Katrina: You know that I originally come from India, Delhi specifically... India is the land of wonders, George, and it will help you forget a lot of your problems, and will certainly make you feel relaxed; but what about the doctor’s appointments?

•George: I have one next Monday, and I’ll ask him then to postpone the appointment after it.

•Katrina: Fine.


George was extremely upset when he found out about Tom’s attachment with Katrina, but he forced himself to be calm and feigned indifference.
That Wednesday morning he had an idea to pay them a surprise visit at eight in the evening, which happened to be the time of their scheduled appointment that he had overheard in Tom’s call with Katrina. He rushed to call Dr. Tom’s clinic and asked Brad the receptionist to change his appointment to that evening, if possible.

•Brad: Impossible today.

•George: Why?

•Brad (Amused): Because the doctor has a very, very important appointment at eight in the evening.

•George: Is it that important?

•Brad: Perhaps. The point is that you can’t set the appointment for that time.

•Then he blurted out a loud laugh.

•George: I’ll come at seven thirty to the clinic. If the other patient is late for his appointment at eight o’clock, I’ll see the doctor instead.

•Brad (With a smirk on his face): I told you, you can’t. The other thing is that the appointment is not in the clinic…. And then he said mockingly: You seem to be very keen to come at this particular time. I understand what you want!! You can come and I’ll tell you exactly everything you need to know, and solve all the problems you are suffering from. Then, snickering aloud, he said: I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t be late!

George finished his work and rushed to meet Adam. Tom and Katrina’s matter worried him very much and he felt a need to consult Adam about this topic. He parked his car in front of the café and waited for Adam to finish his shift. George wondered about the reason why he felt so keen to speak to Adam to the extent that he would consult him in such a private matter as that of Katrina and Tom, though George had met Adam only a few days earlier.
Adam saw George’s parked car. He changed his work clothes and went out to him as soon as his shift was over. When George saw him he offered him a ride home, which Adam gladly accepted.

•George: Adam... Have you ever felt suspicious towards the people who are closest to you?

•Adam: Never, but I expect it to be a very harsh feeling!

•George: Are you married?

•Adam: No, I’m not.

•George: What about romantic relationships with the opposite sex?

•Adam: I have no romantic relationships with the opposite sex! What do you want, George?

•George: Did I not once tell you that my doctor is immoral?

•Adam: Yes, you did.

• George: Did I not also once tell you that my wife drinks wine and stays out late, yet she is religious?

•Adam: Yes, that too!

•George (Sighing): I have concerns that there is an unethical relationship going on between them – I mean Dr. Tom and my wife. Am I over concerned or what?

Adam was silent for a moment, contemplating George’s frustrated facial expressions, and then he said:

•Adam: I don’t know what to say to you, but I understand how you feel... the basic principle is that you must think well of people, and as long as you have no proof, there is no point of being hasty in accusing people.

•George: But she is meeting him this evening!

•Adam: Are you sure?! You told me that she often drinks and stays out late, so what is the difference between staying out late with Tom or doing so with others?

•George: Tom’s relationship with his female patients is suspicious, and I’ve heard stories of his infidelity, and Katrina’s bad habit of staying out late is suspicious too. The other thing is that she deliberately hid this relationship from me, and...and the words of Brad were very strange!

•Adam: Who is this Brad?

•George: Tom’s secretary. A very annoying man who continuously makes very disturbing remarks!

•Adam: Now it is six o’clock, so how about calling Katrina and inviting her to dinner at a luxurious restaurant?

•George: Good idea, let me try.

George called Katrina and did his best to disguise his uneasiness in case she sensed the agitated tone of his voice. He suggested to her what Adam had proposed to him and tried to tempt her with the luxurious restaurant, and with a beautiful evening together, but she apologized to him time after time, and she asked him to postpone his invitation to another day saying that she could not fail to attend the ceremony at the church.

•George: You see, she has refused and used the church ceremony as an excuse!

•Adam: So it’s a church ceremony, why then are you accusing her?

•George: It is shameful that the stench of the scandals of the seedy ceremonies of the church is everywhere!

•Adam: Maybe, I do not know!

George arrived at Adam’s house and thanked him for his kindness and support. He said to him:

•George: I don’t know why I disturbed you with my personal matters! Accept my apologies.

•Adam: No need to apologize! I wish I could help you in some way. Goodbye...I just want to tell you something before I go, though: beware of that Brad character you told me about. Don’t let him manipulate you, because we are very vulnerable when we are controlled by doubt and confusion.

•George: I›m tired and so confused, and what›s more is that I must find a solution before eight o›clock! Sorry Adam, I must dash.


George’s phone rang - it was Brad on the other side. George was not in the mood to receive his provocative comments, but the phone kept ringing so he had to answer him and see what he wanted.

•Brad: Hello….Where are you? I’m waiting for you! Tom left for his important appointment!

•George: Where to?

•Brad: To his appointment. What did you want to know?

•George: I’m tired, Brad, I’m not in the mood for this!

•Brad (Snickering): Come here. I have the solution to your problem.

•George: You have a solution?! Really?! I’m on my way.

George arrived at the clinic and found Brad waiting for him. He asked him in an aggressive tone:

•George: Where’s Tom?

•Brad: He left a little while ago.

•George: With who?

•Brad: You know! Come; let’s sit in Tom’s office!

•George: No, actually I do not know anything! What do you want from me?

•Brad: Of course you do, Tom went out with Katrina.

•George: How do I know that you aren’t lying to me?!

•Brad: I’m not!

George lowered his head, not knowing what to do. He suddenly noticed a small lady’s bag that was lying on the table. It looked like Katrina’s. He lifted his head and cried out in Brad’s face:

•George: What’s this?

•Brad (Scoffing): Is it possible that Katrina has forgotten her purse?! There you are, proof of what I told you.

•George: Where did they go?!

•Brad: They are spending the evening at the church, I think.

•George: But Tom is an atheist…

•Brad: Why didn›t you go with them? Or is it that they plan something special that cannot be done in your presence?

•He chuckled aloud and then continued:

•I know well the difficulty of what you are feeling, and I have just the thing that will relieve you of this stress.

•George: Oh?! And what is that?

•Brad: A single pill. A pill of happiness! You might have heard about the dangers of recreational drugs, but I›m quite sure that you do not know how much happiness those who take heroine feel! One pill will bring you the happiness that you›re looking for, do you want one?

•George: Okay I guess, but only one!

Brad felt how George was breaking down and surrendering, and so he asked him to wait for a few minutes while he went to fetch it; and he promised that he’d be quick.
George was down and out, and under the influence of psychological stress. Once Brad left, he felt an emptiness inside.... He took out his phone and checked the last three dialed numbers, where he found Brad, Katrina and Adam’s numbers, and he immediately called Adam.

•Adam: Hello George!

•George: I am sure now of what I said to you earlier.

•Adam: Take it easy! Even if you are certain that they went out together, that does not mean that she is cheating on you.

•George: Adam, I’m emotionally and psychologically drained. Brad left me for a few minutes to bring me what might help to relax my nerves and calm me down.

•Adam: And what is this thing that will relax your nerves and calm you down?!

•George: He told me there is only one pill that I have to take that will solve all my problems!

•Adam: Drugs! Are you crazy man? Didn’t I tell you that it is easy to manipulate people in times of confusion and doubt?! George, snap out of it, what’s wrong with you? This is escaping. Do you think you will gain happiness by escaping? Please come to me now, I need to talk with you.

•George: I’m so frustrated and feeling overwhelmed at the same time! Brad hasn’t come back yet, okay...I’m leaving now, I’ll be there shortly.

George arrived at Adam’s house in a deplorable condition. He was met by Adam who invited him in. Adam’s house was humble, neat and simple.
George sat on a chair while Adam prepared him a cup of tea. He felt much better after he had drunk the tea.

•Adam: How do you feel now, George? How about going for a walk, or a jog?

•George: What?! A walk or a jog?! This hardly seems the right time for that.

•Adam: Usually I go for a walk or a jog every day for about 3 to 5km, but today I haven’t had the chance yet. Come on George, there is a place near my house where we can go for a walk.

•George: Well...Okay, if you think it’ll do me some good…

Adam turned to George while they were walking. He started talking to him about the benefits of sports, and how it improves the morale.
He was surprised to see tears in George’s eyes.

•George: Do you think that sports can bring happiness to a broken down man like me?! How can I practice sports while my wife is in the arms of another man?!

•Adam: Sports improves the morale, but it can’t grant you happiness by itself. Happiness stems solely from within us and sports can’t do that for us, and neither can drugs or alcohol!

•George: Well, what can I say to defend myself? I was in a moment of weakness and Brad manipulated me!

•Adam: We should not give criminals opportunities to manipulate us in periods of weakness!

•George: But I don’t know what to do, what can help ease this discomfort?! I feel totally down from within while I am walking with you, and my soul is dying here with every step I take and as every moment passes by.

•Adam: What did you use to do before when you were worried, sad or depressed?!

•George: I used to take a sedative which the doctor gave me...But it made me feel drowsy.

•Adam: Now that’s better, a sedative from a physician, not a criminal! Do you have these pills with you by any chance?

•George: Yes, they’re in the car.

•Adam: Let’s go back home then, and go to the car and take one of your pills.

•George: No, I’d rather go home and take it there.

•Adam: Take it and sleep at my house, trust me, it’ll be better.

•George: Sleep at your house while I don’t know where Katrina is!!

•Adam: Don’t make your suspicions evidence against her, when she very well might be with Tom calling him to Christianity!

•George: Maybe that’s the case. I wish I could find out just something that might lessen the doubt that I’m feeling now.

George took the pill and slept deeply for a long time after the effect of the pill had started to work... He woke up at ten in the morning and found that Adam had prepared his breakfast...

•Adam: Good morning, breakfast is ready.

•George: What time is it?

•Adam: It’s ten o’clock.

•George: What?! Ten o’ clock?!! Oh my, I’ve made you late for work, and I’m late too.

•Adam: Don’t worry about it. I took a day’s leave, and you are the deputy director, it won’t harm you to be late for one day.

George had his breakfast with Adam. He said to him:

•George: Thank you for your kindness, because I feel greatly relieved and am much better than yesterday.

•Adam: Good, but you need to be calmer. Severe tension and sudden changes often mean that there is no happiness within.

•George: What do you mean?

•Adam: If you resolve your major questions, you›ll be able to deal with your problems far better, and your frame of mind will be clearer when dealing with any stress.

•George: Do you mean that Katrina›s issue is a simple one?

•Adam: No, what I mean is that inner happiness removes our doubts and solves the small elements of our problems. That is why you must focus on reaching happiness and on how to take the path to find the answers to your questions. Then you›ll see how life and your outlook will become completely restructured.

•George: I promise you I›ll do that, though I feel that there are certain parts of what you’ve said which I do not understand.

•Adam: My words are clear: focus on your major issues in a simple and deep way. When you do that you›ll find happiness stemming from your soul, and that will solve all your problems.

•George: Maybe...Thank you…I›ve tired you out. I›ll leave for work now, and today I also have an appointment with the doctor.

•Adam: Try to deal with Katrina and Tom naturally because you›ll leave for India soon, and when you return you can cross any bridge when you come to it. Make sure you take things simply and without any complexities, happily and without depression.

•George: I›ll try, Adam, but you know it›s not always that easy.


George went to Dr. Tom’s clinic for his appointment in the evening, and the moment he entered he was met with Brad’s sharp looks...

•Brad: Where did you escape to yesterday?

•George: I didn’t, I had work to do.

•Brad: Why didn’t you wait for me?

•George: I hate drugs and I hate escaping from my problems.

•Brad: Hmm...Very well! And did you face your problems?

•George: I have an appointment with Tom. Is he here or did he leave?

•Brad (Snickering): No, he is here. I’m sure that you’ll need that pill of happiness and one day you’ll ask me to give you one. Please go in, he is waiting for you. He is looking forward to meeting Katrina’s husband!

George went into Tom’s office and found him sulky and tired.
Tom greeted George and offered him tea, then apologized to George because he had stayed up late the night before and so he was a little tired... George expressed surprise at Tom’s words because doctors usually warn their patients against staying up late.
Tom, however, directly changed the course of the conversation, feigning indifference, and then looked at George and asked him the following, while expecting that he had not found the answer:

•Tom: Did you find the answer to the first questions?

•George: Yes and no.

•Tom: How? Explain what you mean?

•George: I have an answer of which I’m very convinced, but it’s not complete.

•Tom: Tell me then, where can we get the rest of the answer?

•George: The answer lies in making the questions simple, and when that is the case, the answers will immediately and easily become apparent.

•Tom: The philosophical method is mainly based on complicating things, and not simplifying them, in order to show our intelligence and our depth of understanding.

•George: But simplicity is deeper, and if the questions are answered in depth, wouldn’t that be better?!

•Tom: I think that you’ve started to philosophize the subject...

•Then he said in a tone of defiance:

•Simplify the questions as much as you like, but from where can we find the answers to these questions?

•George: I looked at all the beings that exist, and found that they could never originate from inanimate objects or from animals... So what remains?

•Tom (Laughing): People!

George looked deep into Tom’s eyes and said firmly ...

•George: True, people…or from their Lord and Creator.

•Tom: I don’t believe in the existence of a god!

•George: How do creatures come into existence then?!

•Tom: I don’t like to bother myself with such questions. Let’s say by coincidence. Let’s say they created themselves. Whatever!

•George: This is escaping from the questions, which is not the approach of philosophers! All the possibilities you’ve mentioned are illogical; because things can’t create brains for themselves, and coincidence can’t be so precise. I don’t have anything else to say... Then he rose from his chair and continued: I’ll follow your method and see where it takes us. We shouldn’t pull the reins of the questions just to reach some facts, when we’re not convinced of basic principles we used.

•Tom: You didn›t answer my question....Where can we find the answer to these questions?

•George: From the Creator of people, because He is the One who knows them best.

Tom was silent for a long time, then raised his head and said:

•Tom: I like what you have just said, though I disagree with you, and so I shan’t argue with you, but I’ll rather continue asking questions and ask you some questions that will prove that what you’ve said is wrong. Let’s assume that you are right in what you’ve said, would the people’s Lord who brought us into existence be Buddha, the sun, Christ, the Holy Spirit, or what exactly? People’s gods vary and change! How can we know the true God from among all these gods? Don’t you know that there are very many religions?!

•George: Yes, more than 10,000 religions, and Christianity alone is a religion which contains 33,830 different sects.

•Tom: I’m having a rich discussion with a cultured person! I’ll take it that your answer is correct, so let’s continue then: how can you guarantee that any answer is correct?

•George: Simply because it is easy, facile and uncomplicated. It should bring us happiness and shouldn’t collide with reason or logic, be in conflict with science or contradict itself, and it should cover all aspects of our lives.

•Tom: A simple, deep and true answer... It means that any answer, even if it sounds correct but doesn’t bring us happiness, or contradicts the mind and logic, or is complicated, or is not suitable for the life of the human, is an answer that we should render as unacceptable!

•George: Yes...of course!

•Tom: Fantastic! If such an answer exists I am with you. Then he smiled and said: I’ll ask you other questions that will prove to you the correctness of our answer and method, or its incorrectness. He thought for a while and then said: Though I agree with you that pro-atheism evidence and the evidence of those supporting the denial of God are very frail, I still think that there is no god....Anyway, we’ll travel down an unknown road which could take us to anywhere, and my question to you is: Who is the god from whom we’ll find the answer? And according to the path of which religion?

•George: To simplify the matter: there are two groups, or two sets of religions and ideas: heavenly revealed religions and manmade ones. Which one are you asking about?

•Tom: True. Religions are many and we must make the matter more specific so that it becomes simpler for us. I didn’t think about that. You’re the one traveling to India, so let’s alter the question to: Which religions are best: manmade or heavenly? And we’ll go deep into the details according to your answer to that question in our appointment two weeks from now. I think that you’ll observe in the religions in India what will take you to the point where you will be the same like me with regards to atheism and the abandonment of all of these religions.

•George: Traveling to India! How do you know about that?

Tom stammered and stuttered, trying to find a way out, but he could not!

•Tom: Errr…Katrina told me....She told me when I saw her by chance in church.

•George: Strange that an atheist who denies the Lord and God goes to church!

•Tom: I went to church to study the natures and characters of the religious, and not to worship a god.

•George: Hmm, and how did you find Katrina’s character?

•Tom: A very pious and smart lady! The lure of the East is clear in her thinking, soul and features.

•George: You seem to admire her?!

•Tom: The fact is that I admire her piety and certainty. I congratulate you. She loves you very much…

•George: An atheist admires religiosity?! Isn’t that odd?!

•Tom: Perhaps! Then he tried to change the subject: Don’t you have enough Indian beauty, but you want to travel to India?

•George: I don’t understand?

•Tom: I see, Katrina’s beauty isn’t enough for you, so you go looking for pleasure with the beautiful Indian ladies, flirting with them?!

•George: No way! Forget about that…I’m going to get acquainted with other religions and approaches, and to sign business contracts. Goodbye. We’ll meet then in two weeks.

•Tom: Ok, and I’m sure that you’ll abandon all religions as soon as you approach them. I wish you enjoy India and I hope that it is beneficial for you.


Katrina received George. When she noticed his arrival she rushed towards him, welcoming him. But he responded to her coldly and with an unpleased tone of voice, so she tried to show him extra love and attention.

•Katrina: I was worried about you. Where were you yesterday, you didn’t sleep at home?!

•George: You came back home at a very late hour last night, why should you care if I’d spent the night at home or out?

•Katrina: Yes, we were late yesterday in the church. It was a very important and fascinating ceremony.

•George: Fascinating because he was there of course.

•Katrina: Who do you mean?

•George: That person you were with at the ceremony?

•Katrina: There were many people there.

•George: Who from those I know?

•Katrina: George, am I being interrogated here?!! Anyway, I’ll answer you: reverend Morris, Sally Peter, Hillary Simpson...

•George:…Handsome Tom!

•Katrina: Yes! Dr. Tom was there too. He came to increase his faith and belief in the Lord. He attended the entire mass with us!

•George: Terrific! An atheist attending a mass! Or was he there to enjoy the drinking and dancing that go on in these evenings?!

•Katrina: You are insulting me and the church! What do you mean?!Who told you that he attended the evening, I mean the mass?

•George: No, I›m neither insulting you nor the church! He is the one who told me that he enjoyed the evening with charming Katrina, and he who wants to increase his faith is the one who urged me that during my travels I must enjoy the beauty of Indian women and flirt with them!

•Katrina: What? He said that?!

•George: Yes, what is so strange about that?

•Katrina: Nothing! But...

•George: Look, I›m tired and I want to sleep. I›m going to bed if you don›t mind.

In the morning, George went to work early, where he found Kach waiting for him...

•Kach: Tell me the good news. What’s your final decision, George?

•George: I’ll be traveling to India at the end of the week if we conclude the business agreements between us before then, and I’ve arranged everything.

•Kach: Wonderful! We need to have a meeting together so that we can get to know all the details of the necessary contracts, and details of the people’s characters there.

•George: I’ll be with you in an hour to start an interrupted three-hour meeting, and also we can meet later.

Kach was very keen to clearly explain the details of the financial gains that could be accrued from the agreement with the Indian companies.
He was, therefore, keen to clarify the character of all the people with whom George would deal. Kach did not neglect to mention any detail to George, however small.

•Kach: Do you still have any questions?

•George: No, things seem clear, by and large, although I believe that alliances based on principles that are financially, morally and ethically profitable for both partners are stronger and firmer in the long term.

•Kach: The biggest gain here is to take as much as you can for the lowest cost....

•Then he smiled, and said:

•I’ll take the financial gains, and you can take the moral and ethical ones.

•George: Alright!!

•Kach: I forgot to tell you about the surprise.

•George: What surprise?!

•Kach: Didn’t I tell you that I had a surprise for you that would make you forget your questions, and your doctor too?

•George: What is it?

•Kach: Try some Indian pleasure.

•George: What pleasure do you mean?

•Kach: How insensible you are sometimes! Try some Indian ladies. They’ll give you the answers to all your questions. Michael, the director of the recruitment firm I told you about, will arrange everything.... Then he snickered and said: Didn’t I tell you that he was a very pious Christian?

George wondered inside himself: “Why are Tom and Kach so similar? Is it because of their materialistic, atheistic nature, or is this the truth that I’m escaping from? Ah! How confusing the truth is!! But I’m determined to get to that truth!”

•George: It’s settled then; I’m leaving on Wednesday morning. Do you want anything else?

•Kach: I wish you a happy trip, profitable contracts, financially not ethically, and entertaining women!!Goodbye.

George often observed the greed and materialistic thinking of Kach, his boss, especially in the recent meetings with him in which they discussed George’s trip to India.
Kach directed George to identify the outlets for selling programs in India, and to focus on finding cheap recruitment techniques. India is a large market due to its large population, and the cheap labor is one of the advantages of its market.
George listened silently and didn’t wish to comment on Kach’s words, because it was clear that Kach didn’t care about anything in life except money and sex, and all his conversations revolved around those two points.
Kach had told him that Michael, the director of the Indian Global Recruitment Company, would meet him at the airport, and he warned him against Michael’s devoutness, then he added:

•Kach: We do not care what he is as long as he affords us through his contracts the opportunity to carry out exchanges and alterations.... And then with a chuckle he continued: This is a smart form of religiosity! He who gives me more profit and pleasure, I’m ready to worship and serve him!

They stood to leave. Kach winked at George and told him that his last advice to him was not to miss enjoying the rare Indian beauty. George interrupted him, absent-mindedly:

•George: What beauty do you mean?

•Kach: Indian beauty and belly dancing!

George stretched his lips in resentment, greeted Kach and left immediately.
George returned home tired, and unexpectedly found Katrina waiting for him. She didn’t stay out late as usual... She met him affectionately and with a smile....

•Katrina: My love you are late! I’ve been waiting for you for two hours?!

•George: I had lengthy meetings with Kach about the trip.

•Katrina: Oh incidentally, I forgot! You didn’t tell me how the appointment with Dr. Tom went yesterday?

•George: I gave him the waiter’s answers, as I’m convinced that they are the true answers, and he was convinced of that too.

•Katrina: Fantastic! The important thing now is that you are on the right road.

•George: And then of course he gave me new questions!

•Katrina: What new questions?

•George: To decide which is the best religion to study to find the answers, and who is the god and creator from whom we’ll get the answers.

•Katrina: The answer is clear: God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. These three are one who created humans, and those who don’t believe in that are infidels.... Then she started to laugh hysterically.

•George: He advised me to look at different religions while I’m in India and to evaluate them. Then I must first define for him which is the best type of religion: heavenly or manmade?

•Katrina: Travel to India and you’ll see unexpected wonders there, because it is the land of wonders, and then I’m sure you’ll return convinced of what I’ve just said.

•George: What about Tom’s advice about enjoying Indian women?!

Katrina tried to hide her uneasiness….

•Katrina: Don’t listen to him darling.

•George: Do you mistrust me?!

Katrina smiled, and then found a chance to change the subject.. She lifted her head and looked at George..

•Katrina: I originally come from India but I haven’t seen India in twenty years. Will you bring me a gift from there?

•George: Gladly.... What do you want?

•Katrina: I want a handmade Indian cross.

•George: The best Indian cross will be yours when I return, but I have a simple request.

•Katrina: What is it?

•I want this to be my best night with you.... Come, let’s go to the bedroom.