Chapter 06: Date with terrorism

Date with terrorism

Date with terrorism


George returned from his trip to India. His voyage was amazing, but hectic and jam packed with information, conversations and questions. It wasn’t his first business trip, but it was the first one to be so successful. It was the first time that he had finished his deals so quickly, and the first time the deals had such a powerful impact. India really is the land of wonders… He recalled the details of his trip when he was on the plane, and felt that he loved India and its people, although he hated its religions and fables very much. He wondered if he loved India because it answered some of his questions, or because it was his beloved Katrina’s homeland? But then he wasn’t sure about that, as Katrina had caused a wound in his heart that hadn’t healed yet…
When the plane reached London, he fetched his bags and went to the arrival hall, and was surprised to find Katrina and his kids in the airport. All the way home he was very happy and kept laughing with his family.

•Katrina: You didn’t tell us what you thought of India, honey?

•George: India is a great country, and the people there are amazing.

•Katrina: Your eyes are beautiful, that’s why you see beauty in everything.

•George: Really, I enjoyed this trip so much; it was one of the best trips of my life.

•Katrina: Great, so what did you like so much about it?

•George: Everything was just perfect, but the odd thing is that I can’t really specify what I liked most about the trip, maybe because the people were amazing and kind, or maybe you are the reason darling, or maybe because I managed to finish many deals quickly and efficiently. But what matters is that I was so happy there.

George turned to his son Michael, and said:

•George: You know, you remind me of Indian Michael, you have the same name and looks… Then he smiled and said: But you are smarter and better than him… And you Sally, your beauty reminds me of Urmila.

It was very late when they arrived at home and the kids went to their rooms to sleep after George promised them that he’d tell them all about his trip in the morning. George went to his room to find Katrina waiting for him, wearing one of her best dresses…
Katrina: Urmila, who you said looks like Sally, means the beautiful or the charming one.

•George: Yes…that is true.

•Katrina: How do you know?! Did you take the advice of Kach and Tom?

•George: You should tell me first how many times you met that Tom?!

•Katrina: I didn’t meet him. I ran into him at the church party two days ago. Why are you avoiding my question? Who is Urmila?

•George: Urmila is a young lady that I met in the hotel. She was very beautiful and told me that her name means the charming one… but tell me what time did you leave Tom?

•Katrina: We stayed together until it was late, but do you expect me to believe that you only met Urmila by chance, and you didn’t forget her?

•George: Yes, I only ran into her, but do you think that I’ll believe that you stayed at the church party till 7am?

•Katrina: Who told you that we stayed until the morning?! Are you spying on me? Don’t you trust me? Don’t you think that I have more right to watch your affairs with pretty girls?!

•George: I’m tired, I’d like to sleep, leave me be…


George lay down on bed, he gave Katrina his back…it seemed that their conversation was about to burst, so he preferred to sleep. Katrina did the same; she lay down on the bed and gave him her back. George kept talking to himself, “Am I rude to her? Is it true that she was at the church party? Did I insult her?” Then he continued, “But I punished her and took my revenge, I made her restless and I planted the roots of doubts in her mind, as she has done to me.” Then he pretended to sleep until he finally did fall asleep.
When he woke up the following morning, he found that Katrina had already prepared the breakfast that he likes, so he tried to forget his anger, and he smiled at her…

•Katrina: Come on honey, eat your breakfast.

•George: Thank you darling, I didn’t give you your present… wait a minute, I’ll get you the cross that you asked for.

•Katrina: Thank you honey… it’s really beautiful, I thought that you forgot to buy it.

•George: How could I ever forget your demands darling, this cross was the most important thing that I wanted to buy from India.

•Katrina: The Holy Spirit was protecting you when you held that cross. By the way, what happened about the answers to your questions?

•George: It was a great trip; I got the chance to learn about many religions and ideas.

•Katrina: Did you visit Saint James church? It’s an architectural wonder!

•George: Yes, I did… it was really wonderful. By the way, I thought that there were many Christians in India, but I found that there is in fact only a limited number.

•Katrina: Yes, that is true, unfortunately. People don’t give up the religion of Hinduism easily. They only seem to leave Hinduism to become terrorists. By and large, the church is thinking of changing its strategy towards them to change that situation.

•George: Terrorists!! You mean Muslims?

•Katrina: Yes, those savage Berbers.

•George: Though one of our company’s contracts was with Muslims, and in spite of their good behavior, honesty and principles, I never felt at ease dealing with them, especially Karimul Allah- I really don’t know why.

•Katrina: Your pure soul that loves goodness can never love those souls that kill and destroy.

•George: Perhaps, but I found that Muslims are actually the easiest to deal with and that they stick to their principles, compared to others in India.

•Katrina: Why do you say that, didn’t you meet any Christians there?

•George: Ha ha ha! Actually I did, I met Michael, who’s very religious. But I don’t know why I felt okay with him, although he was immoral!

•Katrina: Religious and immoral?!

•George: Yes, he’s very religious, an extremist actually, but he’s immoral. Unfortunately Kach asked him to arrange some Indian ladies for me, and he asked him to manipulate the contracts of the employees, and Michael agreed.

•Katrina: What?! Religious and brings girls!

•George: Yes. He resumed to rest assure Katrina by adding: The strange thing is that he was astonished that I refused.

•Katrina: He steals people’s rights and he facilitates adultery! This man hardly represents Christianity, honey. We should differentiate between Christianity and Christians.

•George: Yes, of course. But there are two points we should consider: first, as you said, we should differentiate between ideas and religions from one side and from people who follow them on the other, so as not to hold the religions responsible for the mistakes of their followers. But on the other hand, the other point is that don’t you think that people’s behaviors originate from their ideas and religions? So if they had a tendency towards certain behavior, it may indicate that their religion is behind it?

•Katrina: Yes, you’re right. But your friend Michael is an exception.

•George: Perhaps…. all religious people like you give the same reply.

•Katrina: What about the answers to the questions of the doctor?

•George: I believe that the answers are clear in my mind now.

•Katrina: So, we’re done, there’s no problem now?

•George: We only have answers to the doctor’s questions, that is the answer is with God Who created divine religions. And I think we’re on the way to reach the answers to the major questions. Then and only then will we reach true happiness.

•Katrina: Keep on and you’ll reach your goal honey, but how are you certain about your answer to the doctor’s questions? I mean, how did you become sure that the answer lies within a divine religion?

•George: The answer didn’t need too much deliberation since I was introduced to a number of non-divine Indian religions, and they are far from being beneficial for their followers, let alone being beneficial for the entire human race. Those religions deal with their people in a way that contradicts human nature and contradicts wisdom and justice. I noticed that here in the West we beautify those religions, and that actually hides their reality. I’ll see what Tom’s opinion is when I meet him.

•Katrina: When are you going to meet him?

•George: In four days. Anyway, I’m late for work, and I think you’re late too darling.

•Katrina: No honey don’t worry, I told them that I’d be late today, because I thought that you wouldn’t go in today.

•George: I’ll go only for a few hours to hand over some tasks… excuse me darling; I’ll see you when I get back.


George went to work and headed directly to Kach’s office, who welcomed him warmly and said:

•Kach: You did a great job on this trip, you’re wonderful George!

•George: All the deals were done the way we wanted, but how did you know?!

•Kach: Michael sent us a letter of commendation and he told us that the deal was done. Michael has the ability to work correctly and he’s also flexible regarding human needs and pleasures, though he’s religious. He resumed grinning: But Motee’ ar-Rahman is just like a piece of wood, he’s completely inflexible. Tell me, what did you do with him?

•George: We signed the contracts, and here they are, stamped from the British embassy in India. We only need to have them stamped from the Indian embassy in London now.

•Kach: I can’t believe my eyes, how did you do that?

•George: Reaching an agreement with him was the fastest and easiest thing in my whole carrier. He’s flexible and energetic and he thinks in a way that makes everybody gain a profit, though he’s unorganized. He let me complete the agreement with his brother Karimul Allah, who was practical and organized, though I was ill at ease with him.

•Kach: I can’t believe what you say, though I’m holding the contracts in my hands. I don’t feel at ease dealing with any of them. I don’t know how they view life; they deal with life as if it’s a war, perhaps this is because of their beliefs - you know they’re Muslims… Tell me George, how are my girls? Don’t you feel ashamed of sleeping with my girls?

•George: No, because I didn’t sleep with your girls, or with anyone else in India for that matter.

•Kach: So Michael was mean to you, and wasn’t as generous to you as he was to me?

•George: On the contrary, he was very generous to me. I was the one who refused the girls.

•Kach: I can’t believe that any sane man would waste such a rare chance. I wanted to travel to enjoy being with those young ladies, they’re gorgeous, but I had a meeting with the board of directors. I don’t know when you’re ever going to have a life and take advantage of its opportunities. If you hadn’t signed all of those contracts, I would’ve sworn you didn’t travel! Going to India without enjoying the beauty of the Indian ladies is absolutely meaningless. Tell me the truth my friend, did you meet prettier girls so you didn’t need mine?

•George: Yes, Urmila is much prettier than your girls, and she offered herself when we were in the hotel, ha ha ha, but I refused.

•Kach: I cannot understand your perspective towards life and its pleasures.

•George: But what’s the meaning of life? Why are we alive? Why were we created, if we’re going to spend our lives escaping from ourselves to our whims and lusts?

•Kach: Ha ha ha! A great lecture. Actually you can tell it to your doctor. Never mind, we must arrange what we shall do next after signing those contracts. By the way, the company is very grateful that you accomplished this task.

•George: I’ll start with the arrangements and I’ll finish them within the next few days. And I am grateful to the company; it was a wonderful trip.

•Kach: Though I don’t know why you found the trip wonderful, I’d like to tell you that there’s another and even more wonderful trip waiting for you, if you like.

•George: Another trip?

•Kach: Yes, to the sacred lands.

•George: What sacred lands?

•Kach: Though I don’t believe they’re sacred, the ones who believe in divine religions consider Jerusalem and Tel Aviv sacred. All my folks live there and they invited me to go, but I think they’re too religious! My mother is Jewish, but I don’t believe in any religion. The Jerusalem Security Company has accepted the technical offer that we proposed. If you want to go, you have one week to make up your mind, or I will go instead. But I prefer that you go as it seems that you’re better than me in making deals… you have one week to decide.

•George: Fine, I’ll think about the trip and tell you my decision.


George left the company to go home straight after finishing his work. The traffic was unusually heavy and it took him two and a half hours to arrive at home; he usually takes no more than 45 minutes. He was tired when he arrived. Katrina rushed to meet him and said:

•Katrina: Thank God you’re safe honey; I was worried to death about you.

•George: I don’t know what happened today, it took two and half hours to get home!

•Katrina: The subway stopped completely today.

•George: Why?

•Katrina: There was a terrorist bomb attack in the subway. Thank God it wasn’t in the central area otherwise thousands of people would’ve died.

•George: Any injuries?

•Katrina: A newly wedded man and wife were killed. Two men, a woman and a child were injured.

•Katrina: What kind of hearts do those Muslim terrorist have?

George took the remote control to watch the news on the television, saying:

•George: Who told you they’re Muslims? Let’s watch the news and see.

•Katrina: No one but them could do such a horrible thing. They are heartless.

George watched the news on the TV which reported that the terrorist bomb blast had happened about four hours earlier. All the news broadcasting agencies were of the opinion that Muslims had been behind the attack, but no official accusations had been charged yet. There was a general mobilization of the British security forces, but everyone wanted to go home and all the roads were completely blocked.

•George: It seems that you were right; Muslims were behind the attack, though there’s no official statement confirming that yet.

•Katrina: Believe me, they’re cruel heartless terrorists. They kill people to be religious.

•George: They kill people to be religious?!

•Katrina: Yes, they have what they call Jihad, and they worship by killing and torturing people. See the difference between this violent religion and the bounteous love that Christianity offers. Christ sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity, and all Christians do the same, but the followers of Muhammad know nothing but killing.

•George: Those Muslims are really weird; perhaps that’s why I was ill at ease with Karimul Allah.

•Katrina: Thank God you came back safe and sound; and they didn’t kill you or blow you up!

•George: Ha ha ha! Imagine if Mote ar-Rahman had blasted and blown me up… actually he was very gentle and he gave me a present, aloes wood fragrance.

•Katrina: Don’t use it honey, it might be poisonous. Make sure it’s safe first.

•George: I don’t like aloes wood fragrance. I’ll give it to Adam, as he wanted me to bring him aloes wood fragrance from India. I’ll first have to make sure that it’s safe because I don’t want to harm my friend.

•Katrina: Yes, you’d better do that; those terrorists are dangerous.

•George: You’ve reminded me… I haven’t visited Adam yet since I came back, and I promised him that I’d visit him as soon as I arrived.

•Katrina: Is he Protestant or Catholic?

•George: Can you believe it, I don’t know? And I actually didn’t ask him, nor did he tell me. I’ll try to meet him tomorrow and perhaps I’ll ask him then… are we going to spend some quality time together today, or are you going to bed now?

•Katrina: No, we can spend some time together.

In the morning, George decided not to go in to work; he finished some tasks from home over the phone and the internet. The subway was partly closed, which meant that the traffic was congested. He called Adam many times but he didn’t answer, so he decided to turn on the TV to see the latest on the attack and the terrorists. By that time, the subway was back in full swing and some groups of Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, and British Muslims had been arrested. All evidence pointed to Muslims and indicated that they were behind the attack. One of the injured people was Indian and his travelling on the subway was suspicious. An ID card of a Pakistani was found at the scene of the crime, and the policemen were still searching for him. The police warned the citizens against anyone they saw leaving a bag in any public place, especially if he was a Muslim.
George finished watching the news. He got dressed to go to meet Adam in the coffee shop, but didn’t find him there. He asked a waiter about Adam’s whereabouts and he told him that had taken five days leave.

•George: When did he start his leave? And do you know why he took it?

•The waiter: He took it to do some research for his university project, and he first went on leave about three days ago.

George went to Adam’s place and knocked at the door, but nobody answered. He left him a note to say that he had come and had not found him, and then he left and went home. When he arrived he found Katrina glued to the news.

•George: Is there anything new about that subway explosion?

•Katrina: No news. They’re still looking for the Pakistani who escaped, but there are fears that London might have another explosion.

•George: I really hope that they find him today, so that people can be at ease. What kind of hearts do those people have?!

•Katrina: Did you go to work today?

•George: No, the subway was partly closed in the morning. I went to see my friend Adam instead, but he had taken a few days’ leave to do some research.

•Katrina: Are you going to go to work tomorrow?

•George: Yes, I have some tasks to handle. And then I’ll go to meet Dr. Tom.

•Katrina: This time do you have specific and clear answers for Dr. Tom?

•George: Yes, I feel that fate drove us to find specific answers the first time, and this is the second time we have found specific answers.

•Katrina: You’re always fortunate; the Holy Spirit is with you and upholds you.

•George: I think I know what his new questions will be.

•Katrina: You know them?

•George: Yes, it seems that I no longer have a lot of options. I don’t know if Tom did this to set me up, or it’s only a coincidence - or maybe it’s the Holy Spirit, as you said.

•Katrina: And how is that?

•George: Firstly, the choices were regarding the sources of the answers, and it was clear in my mind that I would only get the answers from the Creator, and that the idea of atheism is a chaotic escapism idea that doesn’t lead to anything. How can the creation of a system be driven by chaos? How can anyone but the Creator know how we were created? Atheism contradicts reason, common sense and religion, even if those who follow atheism pretend to be well cultured and modern. The next question was: Who is the Creator. Then we divided the ideas and religions of people concerning the Creator into two categories: man-made religions and divine religions. It was crystal clear in my mind after my trip to India that man-made religions are neither in accordance with human nature nor with its followers, so they don’t provide answers for mankind, and in fact contain such a lot of fables that they cannot be dealt with. Now the question must be: which of the divine religions can provide logical answers that don’t contradict scientific and human facts?

•Katrina: I told you before honey that Christianity is the salvation for mankind.

•George: And what about Judaism? And what about Islam?

•Katrina: Is it possible that one day you’ll be a Muslim wearing a bomb belt in the subway honey?

•George: Perhaps! Ha ha ha! Or maybe I’ll be Jewish like Kach, who cares about nothing but sex and money.


During work, George tried to call Adam several times, but his phone was switched off. George became worried about Adam and wanted to meet him before his appointment with the doctor, so he sent him a message: “I bought a souvenir for you from India, I hope we can meet; could you please call me back,” but he received no answer.
The appointment with the doctor was due, so George went to the clinic. Brad was at the front desk and he welcomed George warmly when he saw him.

•Brad: Hey, tell me about India and its ladies.

•George: It’s a beautiful and amazing country, but I’m here to meet Tom; this is the time of my appointment.

•Brad: Are you in a hurry, or is it that you don’t want to talk with me? Never mind, it’s okay.

•George: I just want to see Tom.

•Brad: Go on in - but remember that you’ll come back again one day.

George went in to see Tom. Tom welcomed him and was unusually warm. It was clear that Tom was happy to see him. Then Tom said to George:
I’m so happy to see you. I was eager to hear your ideas, opinions, views and answers.

•George: You’re waiting for my answers and opinions?!

•Tom: Maybe you’re surprised to hear that, but it’s the truth! It seems that your philosophy matches my scientific and philosophical way of thinking, and it’s also perfect for me because I’m starting to do some research about religions myself. That’s why I go to the church regularly to carry out psychological and religious studies. Then he smiled and added: Let’s talk about you; did you renounce all religions, as I expected?

•George: Yes, of course I did…

•Tom: Great, I expected that you would do that…

•George: But let me continue. Yes, without any doubt, I renounced all man-made religions.

•Tom: What do you mean?

•George: I mean that we have to start our quest for finding answers from God the Creator as is stated in the divine religions.

•Tom: And why do you think that divine religions are better than man-made ones?

•George: It’s not my own opinion; the followers of man-made religions know that they themselves were behind the evolution of these religions, and that they’re still developing them now.

•Tom: Developing them?!

•George: Yes, they develop their religions and they know that those religions are made by humans, and that they’re not divine. How can a human being just like us have answers to our major questions? We may even have a better understanding and more knowledge than them. How can human beings like us know the reason behind their creation if they don’t know the Creator? People can’t create their own selves, and obviously no animals can create humans. Don’t you think that those man-made religions are the reason behind the spread of atheism all around the world?

•Tom: You’re talking as if the divine religions are, without doubt, the truth!

•George: Actually, I don’t know. Your question was about the choice between divine and man-made religions, and I have no doubt at all in the final choice I have made.

•Tom: You’re the one who separated the matter into two choices, not me.

•George: And you were convinced by that, and also you are the one who modified the question. Anyhow, we’re generally proceeding in a scientifically correct way, even though I don’t like it that much. And it is possible at any moment for us to renounce all religions, in which case we would return to atheism.

•George: But I don’t think that will happen; atheism is just like a dark scary tunnel that doesn’t lead to happiness, that’s why so many atheists end their lives by committing suicide.

•Tom: So you’re saying that I’ll commit suicide soon?! But some followers of divine religions also commit suicide. Why do you think they do that?

•George: I expect that you realized the darkness of the path of atheism, and that’s why you started to do some research on religions. But about your question on the religious people who commit suicide, I really don’t have a specific answer for that question.

•Tom: Perhaps. What matters now is that we’re going to focus on divine religions, and if we didn’t find satisfactory answers about these, then we must find another solution. Although I’m an atheist, I’m convinced by most of what you’ve said about atheism. However, maybe we have another alternative, since I don’t like to cancel all of my choices completely.

•George: Only three religions left then.

•Tom: Are you going to include Islam, the religion of terrorism, in our discussion?

•George: I don’t know. But you don’t like to omit choices?!

•Tom: Yes, you’re right. But I imagine that you’ll have to hide in Tora Bora Mountains, just like bin Laden. Ha ha ha!

•George: Though I hate terrorism very much - and I’m sure that it has no reason, no religion, and no heart - the scientific and fair method mustn’t exclude any religion.

•Tom: So as not lose any time, let’s note the challenge we have to face now, which is to choose between three religions. And I suggest that you start with the religion whose sources everybody agrees on.

•George: But everyone agrees on the sources of the three religions

•Tom: I mean the Jewish religion, as Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in Prophet Moses.

•George: I’ve got it now. But I believe that we could follow another completely different perspective.

•Tom: And how is that, my philosopher friend?

•George: Muslims believe in Moses, Jesus and Muhammad; the Christians believe in Moses and Jesus, while the Jews believe in only Moses.

•Tom: I think this is the correct picture, but from a completely different perspective. But I insist on my opinion to start with Judaism, it’s the oldest divine religion.

•George: I completely agree with you.

•Tom: I hope that you take enough time in studying each religion thoroughly; you’re talking about history, philosophy, ideology, and reality all together. After taking your time in learning Judaism, don’t either refute it or adopt it until you get to know about Christianity, and after you take enough time to study Christianity, don’t either refute it or adopt it until you take enough time to study Islam. He smiled and resumed: That’s if you insist to live in Tora Bora!

•George: Fine, my question is: How, in your opinion, do you think I can get to know about those religions?

•Tom: Reading and research are treasures that have no end, and it will be also useful if you know any priest or learned religious men from the three religions. I wish you could go to Tel Aviv to get a better chance to learn about Judaism, as you did in India.

•George: What a coincidence! I have a very short business trip to Tel Aviv, but I haven’t decide whether to go or not yet.

•Tom: I have no idea if you are ready to travel again or not, as you have just come back from India; but if you have a chance to go to Tel Aviv, don’t waste it. I think it’s going to be very useful for you. Regarding Christianity, you should go to Rome, and to know about Islam go to Mecca - but I think that the terrorists won’t allow you to go there!

•George: Your words have encouraged me to agree to go to Tel Aviv. I’ll check out any matters I have to see to and let you know my decision.

•Tom: It seems that you’re a lucky man; Jewish ladies are charming, funny and from many different races. You’ll have a variety of ladies to choose from. After enjoying Indian ladies, now you have the chance to enjoy the Jewish. How lucky you are!

George wasn’t feeling at ease hearing that from Tom, and he wanted to hurt him.

•George: Don’t you enjoy your female patients from different races, and you also enjoy your parties that you use to complete your research on those different ladies?

•Tom: I got what you’re implying - gorgeous Katrina. Her charm springs from the fact that she’s completely devoted to her religion; she doesn’t have time for anything else.

•George: Or maybe you like enjoying Indian ladies; that’s why you continue doing your hard research all through the night until the morning.

•Tom: I understand totally what you want to say. It was until the morning because of the fire that started in the building next to the church. Then he turned to George and resumed firmly: Though I have a long history of manipulating women, Katrina’s completely different. She only thinks about Catholicism and how to spread it.

•George: You want to convince me that all the time that you spent together you only argued and talked about religion, Christianity, and belief?!

•Tom: There was absolutely nothing else. The church arranges those parties to attract people to the church and teach them religion.

•George: And during those dancing parties many love stories start?!

•Tom: Yes, you’re right. But Katrina is different, in spite of her beauty. She has a clear objective and she never deviates from her path; she only cares about serving Catholicism and enhancing people’s belief in Jesus - and that’s why she’s gorgeous.

•George: Mmm, that’s why you drink wine together to increase your belief, and for the sake of humanity?!

•Tom: Though I don’t like your way of talking, I feel that I’m obliged to be grateful to Katrina for what she has done for me. She made my heart feel the light of belief for the first time in fifteen years. Yes, Katrina and I drank wine together at a church party, as I’m an atheist as you know. But I was surprised that Katrina drank wine though she’s very religious.

•George: And what happened after belief had reached its peak, and after your sacrifice for humanity had reached its peak, and after elevation had reached its peak, and after drunkenness and hallucination had reached their peak?!

•Tom: To be honest with you, Katrina had drunk too much after we were done with the problem of the fire. She had more wine than usual.

•George: And then you got high together and mixed together!?

•Tom: George, believe me, we did nothing shameful, but when she drank too much she felt dizzy, so I carried her to the car and waited until she sobered up. And that’s why we were out late until the morning. Then she was very grateful to me and she was ashamed of herself. So I wanted to show her my gratitude to her for her gratefulness and I kissed her, but then I felt ashamed of what I had done, as it was clear that she hated my kiss.

•George: Great … a real romantic story, I have to clap my hands for you!

•Tom: Sally, her friend and neighbor, was with us all the time. You can ask her to make sure that I told you the truth. And you can check my Facebook page; you’ll find all the photos that were taken that day. I didn’t have to say that, but I wanted to be frank with you. Though you make me nervous, I don’t know why I treat you differently - maybe because we have the same problem, or maybe for some other reason.

•George: We have the same problem?

•Tom: Perhaps you’re surprised to hear that, but for a long time I have had internal grief. And one year ago it increased greatly, but I don’t know why; and the strange matter is that since I met you and started my research about religions, I’m feeling much better, but I also really don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because of your questions and their answers, or because of the church and its spirituality, or perhaps both. By the way, what about you and your attacks of depression? And what about the rush of questions that used to destroy you?

•George: They’re much less. Perhaps because I’m too busy finding answers for the path to happiness, and maybe because my trips keep me busy so I have no time to be sad.

•Tom: Wow, that’s a good expression “the path to happiness”.

•George: Yes, I heard that expression from an old man that I met once by chance in the street. Then I met a waiter in a coffee shop who repeated the same expression.

•Tom: All people want to walk on the path to happiness. Some people believe that they’re already on that path, but facts always remain as facts.

•George: What do you mean?

•Tom: I mean that anyone that belongs to a certain religion, group, creed or sect, believes that they’re on the path to happiness, and that they’re the only ones that have found that path. He smiled and resumed: It is strange how fate makes people take different courses!!

•George: But it’s obvious that neither I nor you are on the path to happiness, as if we were we would’ve been happy, and not suffering from grief and misery.

•Tom: Anyhow, what matters now is that we should summarize what we have done together so far. First we agreed that happiness lies in finding answers to the major questions, and those answers must be found from the Creator, not from humans - which cancels the idea of atheism. Then you decided that the Creator has a divine religion, not a man-made one. And now we’re trying to recognize that religion.

•George: Theoretically, the followers of that religion have the right to walk on the path of happiness; and I think I’m on my way to reach what Katrina said from the beginning, but I don’t want to rush and not pass through all the stages, especially after the attacks of questions I used to have and its complications have decreased, and I now feel that I can take profound and major issues easily.

•Tom: There’s no doubt that Katrina who sacrificed everything for the sake of God deserves to be right, but let’s complete our path. I’m waiting for you after you come back from Tel Aviv, and then we can resume our journey.

•George: Okay, fine. Sorry, I took much of your time today. I want to ask if it is possible to have our next appointment in two weeks from now if I travel to Tel Aviv, but if I don’t then let’s meet next week.

•Tom: Sure, we can meet in two weeks, so you can have enough time to read about Judaism, and make sure to travel to the sacred land to enhance your information.

•George: That’s a beautiful expression, “the sacred land”!

•Tom: Yes, it’s a sacred land for all religions; that’s why all the wars of religion have been there and in the surrounding area.

•George: I’m keen to travel; I’ll try to rearrange all the things I have to do.

George left Tom; he found Brad waiting for him, smiling slyly. He said...

•Brad: How’s Katrina? Are you leaving her to go to Tora Bora?

•George: Tora Bora?!!

•Brad: Don’t be naive and let yourself be deceived by words!

•George: What do you mean?

•Brad: Nothing, but Katrina is gorgeous and Tom is handsome. You can travel, but try to be logical, not naive.

George didn’t reply. He just left the clinic immediately as he was very angry. He was preoccupied about the fact that Brad had said the same thing that Tom had said. He asked himself: “Did Brad overhear my conversation with Tom, or was it mental telepathy?”


George kept calling Adam, but he got no answer. He was worried about him and went to his place more than once, but didn’t find him. Katrina felt that George was nervous, and said:

•Katrina: You look upset honey, what’s wrong?

•George: I haven’t found my friend Adam. I called him many times and even went to his place, but I still didn’t find him.

•Katrina: I was afraid that you might have been hurt by a terrorist. And also when I saw you upset I became worried. It seems that you care about Adam a lot?!

•George: Though Adam is simple, he has been very helpful to me, and I feel relieved when I listen to him.

•Katrina: What do his colleagues at work say about his whereabouts?

•George: They say he’s taken leave to do his university research; he studies religions, as I told you.

•Katrina: And when will that leave end?

•George: The day after tomorrow, but I need to meet him urgently to consult with him about some things. By the way, I want to know your opinion about a business trip to Jerusalem; Tel Aviv.

•Katrina: To the sacred land?!

•George: Yes, we have a potential contract with a Jewish security company.

•Katrina: But you just arrived back from a business trip, and I’m afraid that you’ll be tired.

•George: I won’t be tired, but I just wanted to spend more time with you, Michael and Sally. I wasn’t enthusiastic about it until I met Tom today and he encouraged me to travel.

•Katrina: Why?

•George: He said that I would have a better chance to learn about Judaism if I was close to it.

•Katrina: You should believe him with regards to that point. You’ll have a chance to learn about the three divine religions; it’s a sacred land for all divine religions.

•George: And what do you think about that?

•Katrina: I didn’t think about the point that Tom raised. So if you think that the trip will be useful then go and be happy, and I’ll wait for you here with the kids.

•George: What Tom said is logical, but I’m not so enthusiastic about it - so I’ll try to make the trip as short as possible.

•Katrina: You’re lucky; first you go to the land of wonders, then to the land of legends.

•George: I’m lucky to have a wife like you darling.

•Katrina: I want to give you a present.

•George: And what’s that?

•Katrina: After you come back from Tel Aviv and have some rest, I want us to go on a vacation together and travel to Rome. You traveled to the land of wonders, then the land of legends, and finally to the land of churches, to get to know about Catholicism in its home land. And then you’ll definitely have a chance to know what’s called the path to happiness.

•George: And I’ll have a chance to learn more about Christianity, as Tom suggested. Then he resumed: Okay darling, then I’ll tell Kach tomorrow that I’ll travel. I hope the emergency in the country ends before I travel; it is bothering me. I don’t want to travel until I make sure that you’re going to be fine, and to make sure that those criminal terrorists are arrested.

•Katrina: The policemen are still looking for the suspected Pakistani man; they arrested a group of his friends and some of the people who know him.

•George: Where can he escape to? He’ll be arrested today or tomorrow for sure. I hate terrorism and killing so much.

George directly headed to Kach’s office after he arrived at work. He wanted to tell him that he accepted to go on the business trip, but that it should take no more than four days.

•Kach: Four days is more than enough.

•George: Is my mission specific and clear?

•Kach: Yes, the Jerusalem Security Company want to sign electronic protection contracts with us, and we have already reached agreements about everything.

•George: Why don’t we just send them the contracts to be signed without travelling?

•Kach: The technical manager there has many questions, she cares about details very much, and actually we have to convince her. She’s the main opponent of the deal, and the final decision is in her hands so no deals are going to be completed without her approval.

•George: So I have to make sure that I know all the details about the technical issues, and I should read the reasons for her objection in the previous e-mails.

•Kach: Yes, this is very important. And eventually they’ll sign the contract, whether they want to or not.

•George: You look very confident.

•Kach: I’m confident for many reasons. Firstly: Israelis have a phobia about Hamas, the terrorist group, and they’re worried about their technical superiority, so they need to sign protection contracts with us and with other companies.

•George: They have every right to fear them - terrorists are heartless. Don’t you see how we suffer here in London?!

•Kach: But Jews are terrorists, even more than Hamas and others!

•George: Perhaps, but I don’t know. What I do know is that the terrorists in London want to kill hundreds and maybe thousands of people. They have no religion, conscious, or heart to stop themselves.

•Kach: Let’s not talk about terrorism now. The second reason is that Levvi, the technical manager, is Jewish and her manager is a Jew too.

•George: I don’t understand the relation between being Jewish and signing the contracts.

•Kach: They’re Jewish and I know a lot about them. Benjamin her manager will sign the contract with us to achieve personal benefits for himself, and the technical manager won’t refuse his demands because if she refused he’ll be an obstacle in front of her. She obeys him because of his religion.

•George: And you, are you a Jew?!

•Kach: My mother is, and that makes me Jewish too, and this is the third reason; I’m Jewish and that’s why they have approved to sign the contract with me. But you know I’m an atheist, and that religion means nothing to me unless it brings me money and pleasure. Ha ha ha! By the way, Levvi is a young lady, she’s 25 years old, and she’s one of the prettiest women that I’ve ever seen. If you want to have fun with her just tell Benjamin and she’ll be at your beck and call on the same day. Regarding Benjamin, I’ll give him 10,000 Dollar to sign the contract.

•George: This is a large sum of money?!

•Kach: Yes, you’re right, but I raised the contract value to 150,000,Dollar and he approved it because he’ll have his sum.

•George: How degrading that is!! This is a betrayal of the company and the country; this isn’t commerce!

•Kach: Money to us is something else, as we’re Jewish; the real merchants. That’s why we control the commerce of the whole world. No one can compete with us in our passion for money or commerce.

•George: What you say makes me afraid of Judaism and the Jewish personality.

•Kach: Ha ha ha! There’s an old saying that goes, “you have to count your fingers after you shake hands with a Jew, and if you found them still five you need to make sure that you know how to count.” What matters now is that you have to give Benjamin the 10,000,Dollar and everything will run easily and smoothly.

•George: Okay, we’ll resume our conversation about the agreement and its nature after I finish reading the contracts and the literature.

•Kach: Fine. Book the tickets for one week’s time, and we’ll finish our agreements and meetings before then.

George was busy reading the contracts of the deal and the technical details until the end of the working day. He left the office late and still hadn’t finished his work. He kept calling Adam while he was working, but got no answer. He went home and started to watch the news on the television. He was hoping that they had arrested that Pakistani, before he travels.
He heard that there were many new possibilities regarding the bomb attack, and that they had arrested other people who didn’t belong to any Islamic terrorist organization, but rather the Sita Liberal Movement. Katrina sat beside him and she was annoyed to hear the news.

•George: It’s very strange that there’re new findings regarding the bomb attack.

•Katrina: This is only a camouflage, only terrorist Muslims do such things.

•George: The Sita Liberal Movement is the group that is accused now.

•Katrina: Perhaps they want the terrorists to be less cautious so they contact each other and move freely. That will make it easier for the policemen to arrest that Pakistani, and that’s why they made that declaration.

•George: In the world of politics, everything is possible.


George was busy throughout the next day arranging for the trip and preparing the contracts. He kept calling Adam, but his mobile phone was switched off. George sent Adam an e-mail, and he sent him a message on Facebook. He was supposed to be back at his work that day, as his friend the waiter had said. George really wished he had met him before then. It meant a lot to him.
After finishing his work, George passed by the coffee shop and asked about Adam, but he didn’t find him!

•George: He didn’t come today?

•George: But his leave ended today, didn’t it?

•The waiter: Yes, but he didn’t come or call. He never does that!

•George: When do you expect him to come?

•The waiter: I don’t know. He was supposed to be at work today, but the absent party cannot be blamed.

•George: Thank you, if he comes please tell him that George asked about him many times.

•The waiter: Okay, I’ll tell him.

George went back home. He was very worried about Adam, his sudden disappearance made him terrified. He used all means to communicate him: phone, e-mail, and Facebook. He went to the coffee shop, he went to his place many times, but all his efforts were in vain.

•Katrina: Hello honey. Did you meet your friend Adam?

•George: I didn’t find him; he didn’t go to work today, though his leave has ended.

•Katrina: I hope that he hasn’t been affected by the terrorist attack.

•George: I hope so too. What’s the latest news? Did they arrest the bomber?

•Katrina: Unfortunately, the news today says that they set most of the Muslim prisoners free!

•George: They set all the criminals free!?

•Katrina: They say that the investigations indicated that the bomber belongs to the Sita Liberal Movement.

•George: You remind me of what Karimullah - that man that I felt ill at ease with - said: “The terrorist is the one who doesn’t agree with you, and if he did, you’d make a hero out of him.” It seems that he was right.

•Katrina: I’m not convinced. I think that the Pakistani man is behind that bomb attack. They said that the cameras captured his photo!

•George: But perhaps Karimullah was right; did they arrest the accused persons from the Sita Movement?

•Katrina: Yes, and they said that it was a criminal and not a political act.

•George: I can understand that the criminals can change, but how did the nature of the accident change from being criminal to political?

•Katrina: If Muslims are behind it, it’s a terrorist attack.

•George: This is exactly what Karimullah said. What matters is London is now safe, because they arrested the criminals.

George’s phone rang. He was hoping that it was Adam, and it was. He answered eagerly.

•George: Finally Adam, I was very worried about you.

•Adam: Ha ha ha! I had a project I had to complete, and I’ve just finished.

•George: Did you finish your research?

•Adam: Yes, I conducted much in-depth research. But forget about me, and tell me about you.

•George: I’m fine. I want to see you. What about meeting you now?

•Adam: I’m a little bit tired from the project work I had to do, but what about seeing you tomorrow after work?

•George: That’s okay; I’ll be there before five. We’ll have dinner together at the “Happiness Restaurant”.

•Adam: Okay, I’ll wait for you tomorrow.

George ended the phone call and he began to look relieved

•Katrina: You look happy after the phone-call!

•George: Yes, I don’t know why I feel such honesty, simplicity, and deepness in his words!

•Katrina: Is he a Jew or a Christian? A Catholic or Protestant?

•George: I haven’t asked him. I’ll ask him when I meet him next.

The next day George went to the coffee shop on time. He waited in his car in front of the coffee shop for a few minutes until Adam came and jumped into the car, and then they rode off

•Where’ve you been, man? I was worried about you.

•Adam: You’re so well-mannered. I am very sorry for not answering you; I couldn’t respond to your messages because of some compelling circumstances. Tell me about the path to happiness, and about the answers to your questions - and about your trip to India.

•George: The trip to India was very fruitful, I enjoyed it very much. Let’s complete this conversation when we arrive at the restaurant.

•Adam: Okay, we’re almost there.

George and Adam sat at a small table at the restaurant. The waiter gave them a menu, and Adam looked at it while he was talking to George.

•Adam: This restaurant is beautiful.

•George: It seems that it’s your favorite restaurant.

•Adam: I like its name. I like happiness. I think all sane men in the world pursue happiness. By the way, the owner of the restaurant is a foreigner. Where is he from?

•George: Malaysian cuisine is rare in Britain, and this is Malaysian cuisine. Have you ever been to Malaysia?

•Adam: No.

•George: Malaysia is one of the countries that I’d like to visit. I’ve never been there before. It’s known for its charming nature, and its charming people. Those nations are so pure and simple.

•Adam: Sometimes simplicity is evidence of profound wisdom, and sometimes of naivety.

•George: It’s evidence of profound wisdom in this case, for sure. Malaysia is a developed country that is growing at a really fast rate, especially in our technical field.

•Adam: I adore profound simplicity. Then he smiled and said: Or simple profoundness. Tell me about your trip to India.

•George: Let’s order first.

George called the waiter. They told him what they wanted, and the waiter went to bring them their food.

•George: The trip to India provided clear answers to my questions, and I think I’m on the path to happiness.

•Adam: Great!

•George: The only thing now is the problem of Tom and Katrina that I told you about, and it was the reason I was sad. I’m so grateful to you for your advice. I really was in a bad psychological shape at the time. And I think now that most probably what you said was true.

•Adam: What do you mean?

•George: You told me that perhaps my doubts are not true. In fact Tom told me about what happened in detail. I don’t know why I believed him this time, and I felt that he had changed.

•Adam: All people can change, if given the chance, to become better. Then he smiled and said: And what about finding out which is better, the divine or non-divine religions?

•George: There’s no doubt that divine religions are right.

•Adam: You look confident!

•George: Yes, I found many blunders in non-divine religions. Then he laughed and continued: Can you imagine that some people worship rats, others worship cockroaches, and still others worship rocks? It’s a strange world. I’ve no doubt that the Creator Who can answer my questions isn’t a rat, a cockroach, an idol or an animal.

•Adam: Then you’re sure that it’s a divine religion?

•George: Yes, one of the three divine religions; Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

•Adam: And what’s your next step?

•George: I’m trying to study the divine religions one by one. I’ll start with Judaism… by the way, what’s your religion my friend?

•Adam: What do you think? My name is Adam, after the name of the father of all humanity, and my father’s name is Abraham after the name of the father of all the messengers of God and all divine religions.

•George: How?

•Adam: Adam is the father of all humanity; Abraham is the father of all the messengers of God; Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are his offspring.

•George: And which one of them do you follow?

•Adam: Why don’t we study the three religions together, maybe I’ll change my religion!

•George: I think you’re Catholic just like my wife, ha ha ha… the food is here… you know what, it seems that I have been affected by what you said, and I’ve even repeated what you said about simplicity. But in reality the nature of philosophy is to complicate issues, not simplify them. And our British nature does the same; unfortunately we tend to complicate things rather than simplify them.

•Adam: Simplicity, tolerance, cheerfulness, and happiness are the words that always come together.

•George: And complexity, contradiction, difficulty, misery and grief are the words that always come together. Didn’t I tell you: Tom suggested that I go to Tel Aviv to read and learn about Judaism. What do you think?

•Adam: Great, you’ll travel to the sacred land!

•George: I told you that you’re Catholic.

•Adam: Perhaps your trip will be rich and useful to study the three religions, not only Judaism.

•George: This is exactly what Katrina said when I told her that I would travel to Tel Aviv.

•Adam: It’s not necessary to be a Catholic to refer to that area as the sacred land; all the divine religions have the same view about this point. This is the land of legendss. I think it’s very important for you to go there; you’ll get a better chance to learn about Judaism and other religions. But that trip will not be enough; you need to read a lot.

•George: What do you mean?

•Adam: When are you travelling?

•George: In four days.

•Adam: I suggest that you start reading; I’ll start reading with you about Judaism, that great divine religion.

•George: Judaism is a great religion, are you Jewish?

•Adam: The followers of the three religions believe in Moses, so believing in Moses is not proof that I am a Jew. Why don’t we negotiate without referring to anybody’s background? Let’s not talk about my religion; I might be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim.

•George: Mentioning Islam reminded me of the aloe wood fragrance that you wanted me to buy for you.

•Adam: How much is it?

•George: Ha ha ha! It’s for free. A Muslim client gave it to me as a present; I’m not responsible for it though; it might be tainted or poisonous, as Katrina feared.

•Adam: Ha ha ha! If I use it, will I be a terrorist?

•George: We are living here in London in the days of terror because of the bomb attack, and then suddenly we learn that the attack was a criminal act, not an act of terrorism.

•Adam: Why a criminal and not a terrorist act?

•George: It’s funny, I don’t know why. It seems that it’s as one of the Muslims in India said: “A terrorist is whom you don’t agree with, the one you don’t like.”

•Adam: Terrorism is terrorism. No religion or nation can be described as a terrorist. Don’t you see that we sometimes treat our wives and kids as if we’re terrorists, and some nations pretend that they are fighting terrorism, but they’re terrorists in dealing with terrorism. Violence and savage killings contradict the ABC of reason and religion, no matter who carries them out.

•George: It seems that you’re talking about the imprisonment of some Muslims who were not guilty of the last bomb attack?

•Adam: Yes, and even now, although the police were sure that they were innocent, some of them are still in prison. Don’t you think that this is terrorism?!

•George: Yes. But I don’t know why so many people thought that Muslims were behind that attack.

•Adam: This is normal; you and I are victims of the terrorists of the media and political empires.

•George: How? What do you mean by that?!

•Adam: The media empires articulate our points of view and our opinions about others; but we don’t actually notice or feel it. Many invading nations consider the invaded countries as Berbers that deserve to be killed! Some nations deal with others as if they’re killers and criminals, and they consider other religions as being terrorist religions.

•George: Yes, you’re right. But you seem so worked up. Then he smiled and said: Are you a Muslim?

•Adam: Ha ha ha! Then you’d better be careful because I might blow you up.

•George: I was only joking, my friend.

•Adam: Me to! It’s late. Let’s get going. Could you give me a lift?

•George: Yes of course, let’s go.