Rosemary Howe

  • The conclusive answer
  • “In practicing the teachings of Islam a human being discovers his human nature and his real human character, and comes to really know himself. Islam is the only religion which gives me the convincing answers to my confused questions. “

  • Conclusive Answers
  • “I found conclusive answers in Islam for the dilemma of the spirit and matter, and I discovered that the body has a right on us, exactly as the soul has, and that physical needs in the eyes of Islam are natural instincts that deserve gratification for a human to live strongly, productively and effectively. Islam, however, has set basic rules for gratifying these needs on a sound basis that attains satisfaction for the self and, at the same time, enables one to abide by Allah’s commands. Marriage in Islam is, for example, the only legitimate way to satisfy the sexual instinct. Prayer, fasting, worship and belief in Allah are also ways to satisfy the spiritual side of man. Thus, a balance is attained that is essential for a dignified human life.”