Naseem Souza

  • Islam is peace and safety
  • “Under the banner of Islam Jews found safety and justice which protect them from the evils of persecution and abuse. Many centuries have passed for them while they live in well-being and wealth.”

  • Happiness of humanity
  • “It should be borne in mind that modern Western civilizations fail to satisfy the soul and to produce human happiness. It pulls the people down into an abyss of misery and confusion; because the efforts of modern science are directed at destruction and annihilation. It is, therefore, far from being perfect, or from being a means of service to humanity, as it was during the reign of Islam.”

  • The depths of western civilization
  • “One who goes into the depths of the western civilization, and realizes what it has between its folds, and examines it thoroughly, theoretically and practically, must submit, as a result of a strong latent psychological inward force, to the fountain of the Islamic faith to quench his thirst from it. “