Jeffrey Lang

  • He knows me more than I know myself
  • “The Qur’an, this noble book, strongly captivated me and overwhelmed my heart, and made me surrender to Allah. It pushes the reader a critical moment, such that it makes him feel as though he is standing in front of his Creator. And if you are sincere in reading the Quran, you will not be able to just casually read it, for it instructs you as it has a right over you. It debates, criticizes, humbles, and challenges. From the outset it draws the line of battle, and I was on the other side. I was at a severe disadvantage, for it became clear that the Author knew me better than I knew myself. The Qur’an was always way ahead of my thinking; it was erasing barriers I had built years ago and was addressing my queries. Each night I would formulate questions and objections, and somehow discover the answer the next day as I continued reading. I had met myself in its pages.”

  • Fill the spiritual vacuum
  • “In a special moment in my life, God bestowed His Wide Knowledge and Mercy over me, after I had suffered much agony and pain, and after finding the great readiness to fill the spiritual vacuum in myself; I became a Muslim. Before Islam, I did not know in my life the meaning of love. When I read the Qur’an, however, I felt an overwhelming large outpouring of compassion and kindness. I began to feel the everlastingness of love in my heart. What led me to Islam is the love of God which cannot be resisted.”