Jack Rislow

  • The Qur’an and the hadeeth side by side
  • “The Qur’an is complemented by the prophetic traditions, which is a series of statements relating to the actions of Prophet Muhammad and his instructions. In the Sunnah one finds what went on in the Prophet’s head and the basic element of his behavior in front of the changing realities of life. The Sunnah expounds on the Qur’an and is indispensable.”

  • Collecting the prophetic Sunnah
  • “These sayings which constitute the Sunnah were recorded from that which was related by the companions or conveyed about them with a great amount of sifting when the selection was being compiled. In that way a large number of sayings of the Prophet was gathered.”

  • Rules for even the smallest details
  • “The Qur’an finds answers to all issues and establishes the link between the religious and the moral law. It aims to create order and social consolidation, to alleviate distress and hard-heartedness, and remove superstition. It seeks to help the oppressed, and enjoins mercy and kindness. With respect to legislation, it has laid down rules and directives for daily cooperation and organized contracting and inheritance. As for the family, it has identified for everyone the form of conduct towards children, slaves (if any), animals, health, clothing, etc…”