H. G. Wells

  • Lessons from the farewell pilgrimage
  • “A year before his death, at the end of the tenth year of the Hijra, Muhammad made his last pilgrimage from Medina to Mecca. He made then a great sermon to his people....The reader will note that the first paragraph sweeps away all plunder and blood feuds among the followers of Islam. The last makes the believing Negro the equal of the Caliph (that is puts the black Negro on the same level as a Caliph; a Muslim Ruler)....they established in the world a great tradition of dignified fair dealing.”

  • The Dawn of Islam
  • “How many a generation will suffer from fear and misery before the great dawn of Islam emerges anew - that dawn towards which it seems that the entire history is heading. On that day peace will engulf the entire world and peace, that day, will engulf the hearts.”

  • The best of systems
  • “Islam prevailed because it was the best social and political order that the times could offer. It prevailed because everywhere it found politically apathetic peoples; robbed, oppressed, bullied, uneducated and unorganized, and it found selfish and unsound governments which were out of touch with any of its people at all. It was the broadest, freshest and cleanest political idea that had yet come into actual activity in the world, and it offered better terms than any other to the masses of mankind.”