Gustaf Lubon

  • There is no difference between an Arab and a non-Arab
  • “Muslims are not foreigners in the eyes of each other, no matter how different the peoples who belong to it may be. There is no difference in the house of Islam between a Chinese and an Arab Muslim in enjoyment of all the rights, and accordingly there are fundamental differences between Islamic and European rights.”

  • Islam is easy
  • “The great ease of Islam is derived from pure monotheism. In such ease lies the secret of the power of Islam. Islam is easy and is easily understood. It is free of what we see in other religions, as well as what is rejected by anyone who has a good taste with regards to contradictions and ambiguities. Nothing is clearer than the fundamentals of Islam which states that there is only One God and that all the people are equal in front of God “.

  • A civilization of knowledge
  • “Whenever we study the Arabs’ civilization, their scientific books, inventions, and arts, new facts and broad aspects appear to us. We soon learned that credit was and is due to Arabs regarding their medieval knowledge of ancient sciences, and that western universities did not know for five centuries a scientific resource except their books. The Arabs were those who brought civilization to Europe materialistically,intellectually and morally. History did not know a nation which has produced what that nation did in such a short time, and no people have surpassed them in technical innovation.”

  • Medieval darkness
  • “If Musa Bin Nusairbeen was able to cross Europe, he would have converted it to Islam, and he would have achieved religious unity for the civilized nations. He would have also saved it from the backwardness it suffered from the darkness of the medieval ages, which was not experienced by Spain because it was under the rule of the Arabs.”

  • It edifies souls
  • “From among all religions, Islam best suits the discoveries of science and is the most ready to edify souls and charge them to abide by justice, kindness and toleration.”

  • Principles of morals
  • “The principles of morality in the Qur’an are sublime. Morals of these nations which used to believe in the Qur’an turned away from it with the passage of time, like those nations who used to believe in the religion of Jesus. The most important result that can be inferred is the impact of the Qur’an on the great nations that complied with its legislations. Religions that have that same impact as Islam has on souls are very few. You will not find a religion which has such a permanent effect like Islam. The Qur’an is the pivot of life in the East, which is the impact we see in the most delicate affairs of life.”