Dale Carnegie

  • Ask God for help
  • “Maybe it is possible to save thousands of people who are screaming in anguish in mental hospitals. It is better if they ask for help from God’s Divine Care, rather than fight the battles of life alone without any support or protector”.

  • The religious and the sick
  • “I can remember the days when people talked about the conflict between science and religion, but no more. The newest of all sciences – psychiatry - is teaching what religion teaches. Why? Because psychiatrists realize that prayer and a strong religious faith will banish the worries, anxieties, strains and fears that cause more than half of all our ills, as Dr. A. A. Brill said: ‘Anyone who is truly religious does not develop a neurosis.’ “

  • Be deep
  • “The Philosopher, Francis Beacon, was right when he said: ‘It is true that a little philosophy inclines man’s mind to atheism; but a deep study of philosophy brings man’s mind to religion.’”

  • Religiosity cures ills
  • “Psychiatrists realize that prayer and a strong religious faith will banish worries and anxieties, and cure people from these ills.”

  • Spiritual values
  • “I am tremendously interested in what religion does for me, just as I am interested in what electricity and good food and water do for me. They help me to lead a richer, fuller, happier life; however, religion does far more than that. It brings me spiritual values and gives me, as William James puts it, ‘a new zest for life … a life which is full, an easier, richer, and more satisfying life.’ It gives me faith, hope, and courage. It banishes tensions, anxieties, fears, and worries. It gives purpose to my life and direction. It vastly improves my happiness. It gives me abounding health. It helps me to create for myself ‘an oasis of peace amidst the whirling sands of life.’”