All people are looking for happiness, so where is the path!?

All people are looking for happiness ,so where is the path!?

All people are looking for happiness, so where is this path?!

They agree on one aim


Benjamin Disraeli

Former British Prime Minister
There must be a price for happiness
“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”

Every person living on earth seeks happiness. Despite the differences between people in their beliefs and ethnicities, their inclinations and principles, and their goals and intentions, they agree on one purpose: they all are in pursuit of happiness and tranquility.

If you ask any person: “Why do you do this, and for what reason do you do that?” He would reply: “I seek happiness!!” Whether he says that in actual words or only by referring to its meaning, implies it or states it plainly as it is.

What is happiness?

What, then, is this happiness, and how does one achieve happiness?!

Happiness is the constant feeling of elation, tranquility, generosity and joy. This feeling of contentment comes as a result of always having three states: one’s self being in a good state, one’s life being good, and expecting that one’s final abode will be good.

With regards to these three states, man starts by asking questions about the self. These questions grow larger as he grows older, and he does not find happiness until he answers the questions which come to his mind:

• Who owns this universe and controls all its affairs?

• Who created me and created this universe around me?

• Who am I? Where do I come from? Why was I created?

Where will my destiny take me?


Russian Writer
Happiness is so close to us
“We often search for happiness, while it is so close to us, just as we search for our glasses when they are already placed on our head.”

What’s more, when a person’s awareness of himself increases and his life lengthens, these questions become more and more pressing on his mind, his reasoning and his soul, and he cannot find peace and happiness until he finds answers to calm his self down